Holiday Window Box Planter?Recipe

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With just a snippet from an outdoor evergreen you?re well on your way to making these miniature wreath ornaments. You can hang them on the tree, use them to decorate the outdoors, add them to gifts, or even use them as napkin rings! No matter how you use them they are a fun and simple project to bring the outdoors in. Miniature Wreath ornaments made with real greenery

I don?t really know why, but this holiday season I?ve been making everything in miniature. It started with these , a smaller version of the I decorated previously. Then the tree got even smaller with a for the , who . And now miniature evergreen wreaths. Make a miniature wreath from nature

Janit Calvo, has an in-depth and many ways to embellish them over on her blog. Please head over there to see her many ideas.

The idea for mine came from finding on the ends. I thought it would be a quick and easy way to make plenty of decorations from garden winds tiverton series 3 gazebo replacement canopy riplock 350_700048 clippings.Miniature wreath materials


  • Evergreen clipping
  • Bypass pruners
  • Scissors
  • Miniature decorations: ribbon, pinecones, seed heads, .
  • and glue sticks

Make it!

Start with a fairly pliable clipping from an evergreen. Leaves from cedar and false cypress are soft and easy to form. Bend the clipping around so that the tip overlaps the cut end. Wind floral wire tipped with red berries around the two ends to secure to make a real miniature wreath step (2)

Continue wrapping wire around the wreath until you have all the little leaves tucked to make a real miniature wreath step (3)

Trim the wreath with scissors to clean it up and make a nice round form. how to make a real miniature wreath step (5)

Add decorative elements like seed heads, miniature pinecones, and other things found around the garden with a hot glue gun.Finished miniature wreath with real evergreens, pinecones, and seed heads

You can also use ribbon to decorate the wreath. makes an easy bow as you simply need to tie it in a knot, then unfold the ends of the ribbon.Miniature wreath with raffia bow

You can also find , which I wound around another miniature wreath.DIY Miniature wreaths from real evergreen clippings

Add ornament hooks to hang them on the Christmas tree or around the garden.Miniature wreath ornaments

Or tie them to gift wrapping and add a little outdoors to your presents.Miniature wreath gift tag

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How to Make these adorable miniature wreath ornaments


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Creating a festive holiday window box is a good way to get outside for your garden therapy even as the mercury drops and the snow falls. If you have a box planter and some fresh greenery you will quickly have a long-lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors. And you don?t even need a window for this window box display! You can set it anywhere that could use some sprucing up, like a bench, porch, deck railing, or even indoors on the fireplace mantle.How to design a Winter Planter (1)

We had our first snowfall in 1,000 days here in Vancouver and it?s been mighty cold (for us thin-skinned west coasters)! Even so, I spent those chilly days outside enjoying the falling snow. I rushed out to protect some of my tender plants and pots, and drain my fountain (oops!), when I was caught by the beauty all around me. The holly berries were glistening with balls of ice and everything was dusted with pretty white fluff. Of course, there was snow-people making, snow angels, and even a snow castle?1000 days is a long time between snowfalls?and then I collected some greenery to decorate the outdoors for the holidays.Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.

Holiday Window Box Planter Recipe

While out in my winter garden, under the snow is a whole bunch of beauty that I just had to clip. I?ll share my recipe for this window box planter and you can follow it or forage for your own greens. The key is to follow the three elements of beautiful container design: spillers, fillers, and thrillers.
  • Soil
  • Spillers ? fraser fir
  • Fillers ? laurel, holly
  • Thrillers ? magnolia
Want to change up the recipe? Here are more .
Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.
Make it!
Your window box only needs bit of soil to hold the greenery in, but there is no need to buy anything special. The greenery won?t be growing, you just need it to stay in place for the holidays so any old soil with do. I used an old coconut fiber basket liner and root-filled soil as my base. Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.

Start the design by choosing greens that cascade over the edge of the box. Press the stems into the soil around the front and sides. I used clippings from my Christmas tree to get the base that I wanted.Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.

Next, fill in the center of the planter with a different texture of greenery. As I used needle-leaf greens for the spillers, I chose broad-leaf evergreens for the fillers: laurel and holly. Don?t the berries on the holly look gorgeous! I love the pop of red. Then, add some thrill with the magnolia for height and interest. Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.
Add pinecones, ornaments, ribbon, or whatever you have to personalize the planter and give it a special touch. I like to wire up pinecones so they stand up in the design. You can see or even . Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.
I don?t have any window boxes, but I wanted to dress up the front bench for Christmas. Nobody will be sitting on it for a few months so it may as well get a little festive! Create a festive holiday window box with a wood planter and some fresh greenery. You will quickly have a long lasting planter to freshen up the outdoors.

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Whether you are a seasoned gardener or just beginning, gardening books are probably the most essential tool you can have. While there are many great practical gardening books to get you started, you may have some special needs in your space that could be covered in just a paragraph in another book.  This list is what I have on my bookshelf for information-packed pages that deal with the specifics of things like gardening organically, in small spaces, in containers, in urban spaces, in Canada, for wildlife, and much, much more.

Master Gardener?s Bookshelf

When I did the Master Gardeners training ten years ago, I didn?t own any gardening books. You may have r and borrowed armfuls of book on gardening from the library for many years. But I didn?t have a home resource library until the Master Gardener?s training showed me the importance of reference books available at home.

Master Gardeners are community volunteers who spend time working sharing information and answering questions at garden centers, farmer?s markets, and community projects. What we learned in that program was that we didn?t need to know every answer to every gardening question that everyone has, but instead know how to look up the answers. Of course, you need a base of information to start looking (you don?t know what your don?t know, right?) but with a few practical gardening books that you have read and understand, you are well-equipped to solve some garden mysteries.

The Best Practical Gardening Books


Practical Gardening Books for Every Garden

You will be happy to know that I now have hundreds of practical gardening books I can reference! My bookshelf also overfloweth with niche topics like succulents, seed starting, roses, and mushroom gardening but while these niche books are useful and exciting to learn from, but they are not the best place to start. I have looked over my books and picked out some practical gardening books, both new and classic, that I think are bursting with information for specific gardening needs. This is my Master Gardener?s bookshelf, the ones I recommend to others when they have a unique garden space. 

SIDE NOTE: My upcoming book Garden Alchemy: 80 Recipes and concoctions for organic fertilizers, plant elixirs, potting mixes, pest deterrents, and more will be released Feb 18, 2020. I?m certain this will be a great foundation title for your own set of practical gardening books.

Please note: you will notice there are no vegetable gardening books here. I am writing another list dedicated to vegetable gardening books and why I love them and will share soon. In the meantime, you can see all of my book picks on . 

I am part of the amazon Affiliate program and as such could earn a small commission when you purchase a book from the links in the post. I but books from Amazon for convenience, but I also buy directly from the author whenever possible, from the publisher?s website, local bookstores, and used bookstores as well. Wherever you buy the book it supports authors and the brilliant, dedicated work they have put on the pages. 

For the Organic Gardener

If you are an organic gardener and you find yourself stuck on what to grow that will be safe and beneficial for yourself, family, pets, and wildlife then look no further! I?ve long been a fan of Mark Highland, founder of that makes earth-friendly, better for your garden, craft potting soil based on science. is a book by Mark that is science-based with a modern-day take on organic gardening. Mark has extensive education and experienced training in soil science and he brings that to Practical Organic Gardening making it one of my favorite soil-based gardening books. It is packed with information and quality visual information to help you along your organic gardening journey.

Practical Organic Gardening book by Mark Highland

For the Urban Gardener

Are you an urban gardener that fears that it might not be possible to really get the food you want out of your smaller yard or city residence? If so, by might hold all the answers to those concerns. Kevin is a ?self-taught urban gardener? and he researches deeply and tests widely all while sharing his adventures on social media and . Kevin?s blog and this book are living proof that there are many, many options when it comes to urban gardening. Kevin gives you in-depth gardening plans to help you jump start your urban garden and hold your hand throughout the journey. Some of the practical gardening techniques featured in this book include: container gardening, raised beds, indoor edibles, and hydroponics.

Field-Guide-to-Urban-Gardening- Book By Kevin Espiritu

For Small Space Gardeners

by Horticulturist Jessica Walliser is a must-read for any small space gardeners. I have long been a fan of Jessica?s and her many gardening books because she is just the right mix of horticulture nerd and earth mother. She is also co-owner of , one of the best gardening websites out there (with the awards to prove it!). I?m also honoured to share that she was the Acquiring Editor on my latest book, !  Despite her busy schedule she is generous to share her knowledge of compact plants in this practical gardening book perfect for small space gardeners. It?s full of up-to-date information on how to make your garden thrive, even in close quarters. It?s perfect for anyone wanting to start a small scale garden with a big scale payoff. If you?re searching for plants that require less space and reduced day-to-day maintenance then this is definitely the book for you.

Gardener's Guide to Compact Plants Book by Jessica Walliser

For the Container Gardener

When I said I was a fan of ?s books I wasn?t kidding! If you find yourself limited on space, but you don?t want to settle on quality then get a copy of . But container gardening is not just for small space gardening, it?s a gardening style. No matter what size garden I have, I will always include containers and so this is an essential book to keep on the shelf.  Container Gardening Complete contains everything you need to know about every step of container gardening from the planning to the designing to the planting and beyond. The best part is that the methods in this book work and aren?t difficult to follow. In this book, you will also find creative ideas for container planting like a rain-gutter garden and a carnivorous plant garden in a casserole dish. 

Container Gardening Complete by Jessica Walliser


For Canadian Gardeners

edited by Lorraine Johnson is a wonderful book for Canadian gardeners. Lorraine is the author of numerous gardening books and is a speaker in high demand. This book is full of information that is catered to those of us who garden in a cooler yet incredibly diverse climate. You will find tons of information about the landscape of Canada, native plants, design ideas, schemes, 1000?s of photos, and so much more! This updated copy includes several new features, such as cold frame gardening, rain gardens and backyard homesteading.

For Lovers of Backyard Wildlife

You can literally watch your backyard turn into a wildlife habitat if you have the correct plants and garden setup to attract backyard wildlife. by is the perfect book if you are looking for garden projects to do with your family that will attract all the most beautiful and calming wildlife you could ever want adventuring around in your backyard. David is a naturalist with the National Wildlife Federation and holds a degree in Human and Natural Ecology from Emory University. David has hosted television series on both Animal Planet, NatGeo WILD, and makes regular appearances on NBC?s Today Show. I love that this book includes steps to get your garden certified as a wildlife habitat and includes a ton of checklists and projects for encouraging visitors. 

Backyard Medicine for All Book

For the Flower Farmer

If you are a flower farmer or just want to grow flowers like one then this is the book for you! by is beautifully inspirational, to say the least. Erin is the founder of and is known for her lush, vibrant, romantic floral designs. She and her team at Floret have brought flower farming into vogue and created a movement of backyard flower farmers around the world. In this book, you will find tips and tricks to growing, harvesting, and even arrangement tips for year-round.

Gardener's Guide to Compact Plants Book by Jessica Walliser

For the Budding Designer

by is the perfect book for someone looking for design basics for outdoor spaces. I?ve long been a fan of Jan and her books because she has such an approachable yet polished design style. Jan uses her knowledge and experience of being in the landscaping business for over four decades to shed light on beginner tips for design. This book uses ?real-world? solutions to solve problems for any size landscape. Whether you are an experienced gardening expert or this is definitely your first go with gardening this book will inspire you. Gardentopia will inspire you with tips such as ?Soften a Corner,? and ?Paint it Black,? to name just a few. Jan is an admired designer and popular speaker whose hands-on approach will have you believing in yourself in no time.

Gardentopia book by Jan Johnsen

For the Herb Gardener

One day I will own a small herb farm. That?s my dream. Not flowers or vegetables or Christmas trees. I want to grow herbs all day every day. When I first started with growing herbs, the book I used was by Miranda Smith. It contains detailed information for how to grow 50 herbs organically. Many herb books have a bit of growing information and a lot of ways to use the herbs, but this one is the opposite. Primarily a practical gardening book but it also has a ton of how-to?s for when it comes to how to use your herbs in cooking, cosmetics, insect repellents, and more. 

For Perennial Gardeners

The first book I bought when I was in my Master Gardener?s course was by . It is THE bible for perennials. It?s a great book for anyone that needs help with perennial care. With extensive experience in the United States and abroad, Tracy has earned international acclaim as one of America?s most entertaining and knowledgeable garden writers and professional speakers. Whether you are green with envy or green in the thumb this book with guide you on your way. This book is full of information and even includes a monthly planting and maintenance schedule.

well tended perennial garden book

More Great Gardening Books!

First, you know , right? Please head over and see some of my books and find some creative inspiration for your garden and life.

I also support authors because published books have some of the best information you can get out there. I know how hard authors work on these books and I hope you will support them too. 

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